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Battlezone now offers a host of activities aimed at and designed for Corporate Team Bulding! 

Activites such as:

Laser Clay Pigeon: Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, also known as Laser Clay Shooting or even Laser Shooting is a variation on the traditional sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting. Real shotguns are disabled and fitted with harmless infra-red laser equipment that can detect hits on specially modified reflective clays. A total of five people can shoot at the same clay at the same time. No risks! No injuries! No blue shoulders!

Minute To Win It: The Minute to Win it activity is based on the hit TV show. With names like Ping tac toe or stick that landing, the games use everyday household items like tissues, spoons, plastic cups and straws. Your group will be divided into different teams, and each member of each team will get the opportunity to do one of the games. Teams will face up to 10 one-minute challenges that escalate in difficulty.

Archery: Master the second oldest trade in the world. In this compact but thorough lesson we teach you all you need to know about this very popular and exciting sport. Groups will compete against each other in a battle for the highest score.

Activity Race: The Activity Race is a great alternative to the Amazing Race activity. Delegates won’t need any transportation since this activity is hosted at one venue only. A series of clues and cryptic questions will lead the delegates to various activity setups, which they will need to conquer as fast as possible to stay in the lead!

Crazy Games: Crazy Games is a combination of six to eight different American red neck games that can vary depending on the venue and circumstances. Games can include: Marble Run, Helium stick, Horse Derby, Balloon Popping, Creative Building, Untie Me, Frisbee Golf, Drunken soccer, Gumboot Race, Hoola-Chain, Noodle Race, Chicken Run, Beer Nappy, etc. Teams will compete to score maximum crazy points. This event includes a PA system and music.

Survival of the Fittest: You get lost in a jungle. How far will you go to survive? This will be a test for your team’s knowledge, persistence and creativity. You need to complete a set of tasks that will test your ability to survive. The activities are based on survival techniques and are combined with a few mind-boggling problem solving activities to test your full potential.

Bridge Building: Team members are faced with the challenge of building a bridge using only cardboard and duct tape that will support the weight of your entire group or a golf cart driven over it. The construction project includes a center span and two ramps. Your group is assured of achieving its goal of working together successfully under the watchful guidance of our professional facilitators.

Amazing Race: An Amazing Race is a fun, fast paced team event, where through a series of tasks and discoveries teams are ultimately aiming to be the first at the finish line. Each amazing race is a completely tailor-made event, starting and finishing where and when you want it to, anywhere in South Africa. The end point remains a mystery until the participants get there. Based on the TV show, we add in fun, fast-passed teambuilding activities at the checkpoints. It all starts at a designated location, where the teams are briefed, given all equipment and their first task. A series of cryptic questions and clues lead each group to their next step on a scenic and fun trip around the designated area. A fantastic and fun event where we do all the work and you have all the fun!

Giant Foosball: Our giant foosball activity will ensure entertainment for young and old. Test your soccer skills with this inflatable soccer field. Each person is attached to a rope that limits their movement. Team work is essential to score goals!


Please note that all these activites are only available on booking and a minimum of 15 participants. To book please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or call 071 671 1236. 

The Pricing For Our Corporate Activities Are As Follows:

Laser Clay Pigeon ..............R 275 pp

Minute To Win It...................R 275 pp

Archery .................................R 275 pp

Activity Race ........................R 375 pp

Crazy Games .......................R 275 pp

Survival of the Fittest .........R 275 pp

Bridge Building ..................R 500 pp

Amazing Race ....................R 550 pp

Giant Foosball ....................R 3 500

Inflatable Slide ...................R 500 per session


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